Saturday, November 7, 2009

Questions and Answers: Let’s Paint the Town a Glorious Red

10-20-2009 11;32;52AM (2) Postcard circa 1910

In order to increase my blog traffic and foster a greater dialogue between myself and readers, I am introducing a (humble) question and answer feature for The Great Within. I have to thank Chad, author of the blog Dukakis Hugging Moon Maiden for first thinking of this question and answer idea. Dukakis Hugging Moon Maiden is a wonderful blog about history (and Dr. Who) and I urge you all to have a visit.

While Chad’s question/answer feature is about history, mine will encompass any art historical queries you might have that are not satisfied by a Google search. Having a BA and MA in art history as well as time in a PhD art history program, I have a fair breath of knowledge about cultural production. I am strongest in the art of the Renaissance, 19th century French painting and early 20th century painting, sculpture and photography.

Furthermore, I have a strong background in studying the representation of gender and sexuality in all forms of cultural production, high and low. My particular strength is in the exploration of masculinity, homosexuality and homoeroticism in television, film, photography and mass culture.

Ask away and I will try to provide intriguing answers that will generate a wider discussion; I am sure I will learn as well and rethink some of my own assumptions and beliefs.

Cheers, Kelly

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