Thursday, February 4, 2010

?Intriguing? Posts on Polar Bear Desire

belleekpolarbear Belleek Polar Bear 1993-1996

I should be a polar bear, but it’s impossible-Robert Smith

Some of you may know about my other blog, Polar Bear Desire, my miniblog I call it, where I post pictures and ideas that I find intriguing.  These images and thoughts may or may not find themselves more fully expressed here on The Great Within

Here are a few posts from Polar Bear Desire that may be of interest and hopefully will spark comments and further discussion.  I certainly crave greater interaction with my readers, so comment away!

Here are the posts:

A naughty one. –NSFW

This one.

That one.

Another one.

A handsome one.

A Star Trek one.

The 2 sailors one.

Thanks for reading.

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