Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Notes on the Internet: Reply To This Post*

*Possibly NSFW


My new favorite Tumblr blog is Reply To This Post which chronicles the strange, sometimes sweet, sometimes funny, sometimes crazy, but always looking for sex postings on Craigslist’s men for men personals.  The content of the Tumblr is not just a presentation of the Craigslist post, but rather a transformation of it.  The found ad, its photograph and accompanying text, are turned into simple, energetic  and seemingly quickly sketched black ink drawings.  This (re)presentation of the post on Tumblr takes the ephemeral nature of the Craigslist personal, its banal and disposable nature (Craigslist posts only last 7 days) of looking for sex, of looking for immediate gratification and release through an online hookup and turns it into something more permanent, concrete and intimate and at times poignant.

These remade images appearing in the new context of a Tumblr blog are no longer solely about “sex”.  Their original purpose and function are evacuated and replaced by a connection beyond the physical, for a “reality, for a concreteness in a world in which the body is continually effaced by technology despite the infinity of bodies available to digest, to consume, to covet and to dispose of on the internet.  These drawings make us pause a second and reflect since we are not the Craigslist consumer of their first intent or desire.  They make us think about our own desire, our own relationship to the myriad of available bodies that dance before our eyes and they also make us wonder about the desire of the drawer as he expresses in every fluid line the traces of his want, need and desire.



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