Thursday, August 26, 2010

Notes on Television: Baggage on GSN

Baggage, a new, still solely hetero dating show on the Gameshow Network and hosted by trash ringmaster Jerry Springer is my current TV guilty pleasure. The premise? No matter how attractive you are or how good your job is we all have "baggage" when entering potential relationships.

At the beginning of the show, our host Mr. Springer introduces us to the main contestant who will chose from 3 potential suitors. To help with there decision, each possible mate has 3 pieces of silver baggage- small, medium and large, each baggage with increasingly dire information. "I sleep with rats." "I eat dog food." "I was arrested 8 times." Wow! What a catch!

Using the information of the 3 silver bags, the main contestant narrows down his/her date to one person out of the original 3. Then at the end of the show, the roles are reversed. The contestant doing the eliminating must now reveal what is in their one large piece of red baggage. The chosen mate then can decide whether to go on the date with the contestant and accept the baggage or leave them alone at the show. A recent female dater faced a man at the end with these 3 potential revelations: "I'm a 33 year old virgin." I secretly maxed out my girlfriend's credit card." "I live in my parents garage." She was between a rock and a hard place. In the end, the guy turned out to be a virgin and she took a wise pass.

As my mother says, you have to decide what negatives you can live with in a relationship because everyone has them. Exactly. And since I am now swimming or to be more exact treading water in the dating pool, this show is doubly appealing to me and my sometimes fragile self-confidence when it comes to other men. Still, I think I would too have to pass on the 33 year old virgin and the guy who eats dog food.

Checkout a great article about the show on The Awl


  1. Ooh, are you in the pool? Interesting. Must know more.

    Good as always to see a new post!

  2. Well, sort of...more like measuring for a pool in the backyard...