Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 21st Century Body, Mary Tyler Moore & Musical Desire: My New IPod Touch


So, I have had my IPod Touch now for about 2 weeks and it has been a big joy and a big shock to a 19th century fella such as myself, like finding out the world is indeed not flat (although now the world is flat again metaphorically, technologically)…especially to someone who was still playing vinyl and tapes from the ’80s 2 weeks ago…no joke…and walking around listening to my IPod, it’s like playing the soundtrack of my life, like I’m in a sitcom, like I’m Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat up into the air…my step is livelier with pep and vigor as I walk to the beat of New Order or Kylie or PSB or Ms. Stevie Nicks or The Gossip or The Smiths…it makes the trip more pleasant and transforms me into a cyborg and I cannot help but think that all this wonderful technology is, indeed, a source of great joy, yet simultaneously it also precipitates the continual effacement of the body and what is supposedly bringing us together is really isolating us from one another… I walk the street in my own musical world disconnected from others, I surf the net in Starbucks feeling like Lt. Uhura on her Enterprise pad device, but I am not part of a community…I am unconnected from all the other coffee drinkers there…but I still am quite fond of my new technological device…

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